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Why Choose Daniel Cleans for your professional carpet cleaning?

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We want you to be completely satisfied

Honest professional service that can’t be beat. From the time we pull up until the time we leave we will treat your home and furnishings with the highest level of care. We use shoe covers, corner guards to protect your walls, drop clothes on hard surfaces, and door seals during the cooler and hottest months. We use simple straightforward pricing that has no hidden charges or fees. You will never have to worry about a sales pitch. We will make honest professional recommendations based on your individual needs. We give you a courtesy call before we come out so you can run errands if needed. You will also receive a free bottle of spot cleaner and plastic shoe covers after each cleaning.

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Industry leading tools and equipment

We use industry leading truck mounted equipment which cleans your carpets deeper and leaves them drier. Just because a company uses a truck-mounted machine does not mean you will receive a quality job though. The reason is some companies do not maintain their equipment properly. They will use the machines day in and day out with leaky fittings, dirty filters, and fail to do the necessary maintenance to keep their equipment running properly. At Daniel Cleans we meticulously maintain our trucks and equipment. Remember if a company cannot keep their own truck clean how can they possibly keep your carpets clean?

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Professional pricing with no hidden charges

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning you get what you pay for. A lot of companies advertise low prices to attract potential clients. When they arrive to perform the cleaning they tell the client the carpet needs more work or that their carpets are too dirty for the advertised price. This is known as bait and switch. The client ends up paying three times or more than the advertised price and even worse they receive a mediocre job at best. They also offer room pricing deals with a low square footage limit. Example a 12×14 room is 168 sq ft. Many rooms will count as two or more rooms so the deal for three rooms is not so good after it is billed as 6 or more. We do not operate this way. Instead we offer package pricing with free estimates. Our pricing is very fair and affordable with a low minimum charge of $65:00. We also offer two deep cleaning packages and offer free estimates on them. We will give you our honest recommendations and a firm price quote in writing. We want your repeat business and for you to be 100 percent happy. Daniel Cleans offers profesional carpet cleaning in Memphis TN and surrounding areas. Free estimates. Book online.

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