Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How does your pricing work?

We offer three residential carpet cleaning packages and guarantee complete satisfaction with all three. Carpet sanitizer comes standard with our two deep cleaning packages. Tile and hardwood cleaning is priced by the square foot. The price is determined after a pre-inspection. Upholstery cleaning is priced by the linear foot. Example a 7’ sofa is priced @ 7 feet times the cleaning price. The linear price will depend on whether the fabric is synthetic or a natural material like wool or cotton and whether the cushions are double sided or fabric just on one side. Throw pillows are priced separately. Estimates are free on all of our services.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

There are many variables that will determine this, but typically most carpets are dry in 2-6 hours. If fans are used to speed dry the carpet, drying time can be as little as 1 hour. We also offer low moisture dry cleaning which does a fantastic job and can dry in as little as 30 minutes making it perfect for maintaining lightly soiled carpet.

Can you clean my home with no one there?

Yes if we have pre-inspected the job and you have agreed to our terms and conditions we can clean your home with no one present. Many of our long time repeat clients leave a key and check for us to clean while they are at work.

Do you clean rental properties?

Yes we clean rental properties. In fact I personally own rental property and do most of the maintenance and work on them myself. I know firsthand how hard some tenants can be on the flooring. The good news is when you use Daniel Cleans your costs will go down as we can save carpets and tile that other companies simply cannot. It is far better to spend a little more on a deeper restorative clean than to spend thousands on replacement. We offer much more than the typical spray and suck in and out service that the other budget cleaning services offer.

What should I do to prepare for my cleaning?

We want you to have the most rewarding experience possible. You will need to do a few things prior to our arrival. First remove all breakables and nick knacks from items you wish to have moved and cleaned under. You can sit some items on a bed or dresser etc. Also pickup small items off the floor. Please move dining chairs off carpet if you wish to have us clean under the table. Next thoroughly vacuum your carpets prior to our arrival. We can do the pre-vacuum for you at an additional charge if you are unable to do this or your vacuum is not functioning properly. Do not move furniture away from walls into traffic areas. These areas will need to be treated with a preconditioning agent. You will want to put your pets in a safe place while we are working in your home. And lastly please ensure we have a place to park our cleaning truck that is closest to the entrance we will be using. If we are cleaning your tile, upholstery, or hardwood, the same instructions apply.

Can you remove the black lines that are around my baseboards?

Yes we can successfully remove this type of soiling which is known as filtration soiling because your carpet acts as a filter and traps small particles from the air as the air is pushed under the baseboard or a door that sits tight against the carpet and rarely opened etc. Using a combination of special cleaning agents and tools we can successfully remove this common soiling issue.

Should I have my carpets steam cleaned or dry cleaned?

It depends on your individual needs. We do steam, dry, and encapsulation cleaning methods and use them accordingly.

Can you clean apartments?

Yes, we certainly can. Whether you are a property manager in need of professional cleaning for your entire apartment complex or a renter that would like to keep their apartment healthy and looking beautiful, we are happy to help. We use the same all natural products that we do for a full home cleaning, but utilize slightly different cleaning equipment and technology to allow for a thorough and safe cleaning — no matter what the location.

Should I have protector applied after a professional cleaning?

Yes and no. It will depend on several factors. First if you have a good quality nylon or wool carpet we highly recommend having carpet protector applied. If you have polyester or olefin carpet, we do not recommend carpet protector as this fiber is naturally stain resistant. We will test your carpet to determine the fiber type you have. We can apply a water based protector or a solvent based product. We can also protect your upholstery after professional cleaning. We will help you pick the best product for your particular needs.

Can you clean my oriental and area rugs?

Yes we can safely and effectively clean your rugs. We recommend having wool and natural fiber rugs cleaned out of the home for a deeper clean. We are also able to deep clean the rug fringe and do specialized spotting. We also offer on location cleaning of some rugs. We will determine whether your rugs need a deeper submersion clean or an on location clean after a pre-inspection.