Hardwood floors add value and beauty to any home and must be properly maintained. Daniel Cleans uses a sandless refinishing process that will restore the luster and shine to your hardwood. Our process is excellent for pre-finished engineered hardwood which can never be sanded like a traditional hardwood floor. Our process works excellent on floors that have a urethane or polyurethane coating. We will deep clean the floor utilizing a special cleaning agent that chemically prepares the floor for a new coating. The results are long-lasting. After cleaning we will provide you with a gallon of a quality neutral ph floor cleaner that you can use to damp mop your floors. If your hardwood is older and has a wax finish like Johnson's paste wax, we can also clean this type of flooring, but we will not be able to do a sandless refinish. Pricing is based on square footage. We will measure all areas to be worked on and provide you with a firm price quote. Estimates are always free.


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