Daniel Cleans specializes in cleaning fine fabrics and synthetic materials. We use a combination of steam, dry, and hand clean methods to ensure your upholstered furnishings receive the proper process for the best results. Most fabrics can safely be steam cleaned utilizing gentle cleaning agents that are designed specifically for upholstery. Unlike carpet cleaning solutions which are designed to penetrate deep into the carpet fiber upholstery cleaning solutions work differently by cleaning the fabric without over-wetting which can cause bleeding and browning. Other companies run into problems because they use the wrong cleaning agents or they rush through the cleaning process leaving the fabric too wet and dirt-attracting residue behind which can cause the fabric to re-soil. Upholstery cleaning is priced by the linear foot. The price will be based on several factors including whether the material is synthetic or natural fiber and whether the piece of furniture has double-sided cushions. A typical 7-foot sofa will cost around 70 dollars for a standard steam clean. Specialty fabrics and processes will be priced after a pre-inspection. Estimates are free with no obligation.


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