Oriental rugs are beautiful pieces of art. Many are handwoven by skilled craftsman and these fine rugs need expert care. Daniel Cleans specializes in cleaning handwoven rugs, machine woven rugs, natural fiber rugs like wool, cotton, and silk as well as synthetic rugs like polyester or nylon. We can safely clean some rugs in the home, but we also do in-plant cleaning which provides a deeper more thorough clean. We will pick your rug up and deliver it after a thorough washing. We can deep clean and brighten dirty rug fringe, and we can remove pet odors using a deep submersion cleaning. Pricing is based on square footage. We will measure your rugs, inspect them, and give you a quote based on the level of work needed to clean and restore your rugs. Location cleaning is cheaper and more affordable than in-plant cleaning, but we can only do this type of cleaning on select rugs. It is no problem to clean a synthetic rug in your home, but for rugs needing pet odor removal we will need to take these in for a submersion clean.
Daniel Cleans offers professional oriental and area rug cleaning. Rugs are picked up and delivered or cleaned on-location. Call 901-282-8045.


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